Two Pups Wellness Fund

Once upon a time, 17 years ago. I adopted two pups, Miss Lacie and Mr.P. They were my steadfast companions at home and at work, and they enriched my life in so many ways. Fortunately for me, they both had long and mostly healthy lives.

But that is not always the case. When my little Lacie was near the end. I spent long hours in a veterinary hospital waiting room and saw, to my dismay, that not everyone could afford the medical care that might prolong and even save the lives of their beloved pets. My heart ached for those people and their suffering animals…and ached again 5 years later when I lost Mr. P. I knew that the care I had been able to provide to him in his last four years was not a possibility for many others who loved their pets just as dearly and grieved their loss just as deeply.

Anyone who has a pet knows that it is a co-dependent relationship of the best sort. We give our four-footed family members our care and affection, and in return they give us unqualified love and devotion. They are blind to our faults, forgiving of our lapses, deeply sensitive to our feelings, ready to wag us or purr us out of any misery. The well-being of our pets means well-being for us, too.

And so, after the loss of Miss Lacie and then Mr. P last June, an idea was born that now, happily has come to fruition. In memory of my two pups and all family pets loved and lost. I have established the TWO PUPS WELLNESS FUND, under the parenting arms of the Arizona Community Foundation.