Two Pups Wellness Fund believes all pups deserve the best possible home! That’s why we created the “Grown Pups for Grown Ups” program to help older dogs have a greater chance to get adopted and come apart of a loving family.

Senior pups offer just as much love (and just as many cuddles) as younger pups do, and they don’t need the same level of training. Often older pups in shelters are overlooked, but Two Pups is here to change that.

Under the new program Two Pups Wellness Fund is providing the following:

  • Paid adoption fees
  • Blood tests to rule out significant disease prior to adoption
  • Treatments for diseases that are discovered and treatable
  • Behavioral training with experts from the Community Canine Project
  • Promotional events and materials to showcase these older animals and increase the community’s awareness of these grown pups in need of homes.

Maricopa County Care and Control will house the Grown Pups in newly refurbished rooms. The bright, new rooms make it easier for potential adopters to see and interact with these older dogs. The goal is to show people that adopting an older dog may suit someone’s lifestyle better than a puppy that needs housetraining and lots of activity.

How Can You Help

Want to do your part in giving older pups a chance to have a family? Make a donation to Grown Pups for Grown Ups today!

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