Two Pups Wellness Fund helps save hundreds of animals from abuse, cruelty and critical medical neglect every year. We work directly with community rescues and shelters throughout Arizona to alleviate the financial burden of medical procedures and treatments, so animals can receive care needed to return to a healthy, pain-free life.

Two Pups Wellness Fund relies solely on donations and grants to give  give a voice to the voiceless animals and ensure their care needs are met.

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Medical Care Program

Two Pups Medical Care Program supports qualified shelters and animal rescues providing funding for medical needs of the animals in their care. These funds cover costs for vaccinations, exams, bloodwork, SNAP tests, diagnosis, medications and treatments for deadly diseases.

Surgical Care Program

Our Surgical Care Program is designed to collaborate with qualified animal shelters and rescues to specifically fund critical emergency surgeries for the animals within their care. The Surgical Care Program delivers financial support for all surgery, MRI, ultrasound, X-ray and orthopedic procedures and the necessary medications that coincide with these critical treatments.

Emergency Relief Fund

The Emergency Relief Fund is designed to provide special funding and emergency support to qualified animal shelters and rescues. It allows our partnering shelters and rescues to apply for assistance when their medical funds are entirely depleted. This support helps cover emergency medication, daily prescribed medications and medical pilot projects which support animals in need.

Project Get Out

Two Pups Wellness Fund in collaboration with Diamond and Daisy Project established Project Get Out to address the abundance of dogs waiting on adoption and heading towards the euthanasia list due to kennel stress, deterioration, signs of sickness, loneliness, or when the shelters need to make space. To save these dogs’ lives, Project Get Out pledges $300 to qualifying rescues that pull these overlooked and abandoned dogs from the county shelter.

Diamond & Daisy

Diamond and Daisy Project shares the Two Pups mission to help save shelter dogs that have been abandoned, abused, and (or) neglected. Working in collaboration with Two Pups Wellness Fund, animal rescues and shelters, More specifically, Diamond and Daisy spearheads multiple projects that bring awareness and facilitate solutions to the nationwide crisis of canine overpopulation, and the dire need for adopters and fosters who can provide safe loving homes.