Marley Jean

Marly Jean

Marly Jean was referred to us due to a severe bacterial infection. Her owners letter is below and it has a very happy ending.

“Thank you so much for assisting in the health care of my very, very special Marly Jean. Since rescuing this dog from the Humane Society, Marly has done nothing short of saving my life.

I, unfortunately, was forced to leave (2005) my high six-figure income and numerous businesses I owned and operated due to illness. It wasn’t until 2011 doctor’s finally discovered an undiagnosed (cancer) and rarely seen fungal infection had invaded my right lung.

Acquired during travels in SE Asia, this fungus laid dormant for years before smothering my right lung, forcing the removal of nearly 38% mass of lung. Combined with other complications stemming from the lung disease, reoccurring pneumonia, congestive heart failure, and onslaught of Mercer Staph Infections; I watched my entire life savings (which was considerable) dwindle to nothing.

Businesses, homes, vehicles, boats, jewelry, and money all lost over the years since. But, by the hand of God, and good genes (stock), and the same “can’t be beat” attitude that made my businesses and self thrive throughout the years, I compelled my will to persevere.

So, for a fresh start, and to escape the harsh winter’s of ND and NE, I returned to AZ, where all my successes started back in 1986 with Hyatt Hotels. What better place to attempt to rebuild and rejuvenate myself. Right? So I thought.

However, the harsh AZ sun, much more radiant than the AZ sun I had left in 1999, had a different plan. In July of last year, AZ Heart Hospital found a new nodule (mass) on what remains of my right lung; upon being admitted after collapsing while cleaning pools one Friday afternoon.  Two weeks later, I returned having suffered a minor heart attack.

As you could imagine, my spirit and will nearly broken at this point. How could I endure any more? My empire, my riches, my hard work, my friends, my life systematically stripped from me due to things beyond my control.

9 doctors, 17 prescriptions, and a massive body of 250 pounds, 44″ waist, 21″ neck all taken from me. Now, 176 pounds, 34″ waist, 17″ neck and, thanks to Marly, a will double its original size. Tired of depression, loneliness, and abandonment; I sought a friend. Arriving at the PetSmart in S Scottsdale, and the pound area, at the end of the first row, a skinny little pit bull mix saw me coming. This wild girl, named Latte at that time, scaled over a 6′ fence and straight into my arms. Nibbling on my ear there was no question she was coming home with me; which was bouncing from cheap hotel to hotel.

So now more stable, both of us, and Marly Jean potty trained and mostly domesticated; life gave us another trial. Marly Jean was suffering, and in need of healthcare. I called nearly 25 different Vet Clinics in the midtown Arcadia area and beyond, including the Animal Welfare League. Having just paid all my bills for the month, rent, insurance, car, etc to ensure stability for Marly and myself, I barely had a penny left. NOT A SINGLE ONE WOULD SEE MARLY WITH AN UPFRONT CASH DEPOSIT, AND I WAS ONLY ASKING FOR ONE WEEK TO PAY IN FULL (figuring I’d sale everything if need be). I had never been more disgusted in my life. And beaten, broken, and worried about my baby girl.

In tears, and thankfully, I was directed to the right place. The assistance you have offered and extended to my family member, Marly Jean, has saved, once again, both our lives. I’m so sorry to be leaving you this book, but I truly felt the need to let you know what type of gift you gave given us, and continue to give, as we are getting ready for Marly’s follow up visit to ensure her bacteria infection has been reversed. Hopefully, at that time, we will be able to get Marly her overdue shots and flea and tick treatment as well; as we cannot afford them either.

Again, thank you so much for your generosity in assisting my family. Please take care, and enjoy the pics.


Matt Stanley.